This Is Normal

by Los Langeros

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mog gee what can i say....its like a talented epileptic had a fit in a room full of instruments....pure hydroponic homegrown(2 grams for 50 kinda shit) Favorite track: Hairy Goat Guy.
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The long awaited new album by legendary Goat-Punk Pioneers Los Langeros, 'This is Normal'.

'This is Normal' features a blistering vocal from Irish Punk-Poet, Jinx Lennon on 'Night of the Living Langers' and no less than 3 Brass Sections.


"Nowadays originality in music seems to be the bravery to play what you want to play and do things your own way. This is why it’s easy to class the new release by Los Langeros as one of the most original albums I’ve heard this year... If you’re getting a little sick of the constant drone of four piece rock bands that can be heard everyday on the radio and read about in all the music magazines, get stuck into this album. It’s similar to the feeling you got when you watched Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the first time. Scary, exciting and rewarding."
(Liam Aherne – Tonnta (Irish Surf Magazine) Issue no. 9)

"Los Langeros seem like very nice young men from Co. Cork. Well their emails at least indicate that. The music though…well I’m not sure if its genius or insanity. “This is Normal”, sounds like the sound track to a 1970s video nasty in which a Tom Waits like slasher, drunk on poteen and the Fatima Mansions hunts down Willy Nelson with bad intentions and a chainsaw. Like I said, I’m not sure if its genius or insanity. You decide." (Shite N Onions)

LOS LANGEROS THIS IS NORMAL "brand new album from this cork based alt rock five piece outfit. the album features a perfectly raw and rather rawkus collection of bluesy alt rock, ska tinged punk and all manner of distorted country / folk vibes. its a big drunken mess of seriously good time country punk sounds, coming across at times like five angry offspring of tom waits all locked in a room together who just dont know how to behave themselves. there are elements of everything from the pogues to gogol bordello in here with lots of old time ska / country punk thrown in." (Road Records)

Artistry or insanity is the question to ponder! Los Langeros are quite prone to stepping out onto the tightrope of tuneage and taking risks that many bands would shy away from.
Credit has to be given for this and although the wobbling wire may cause many to fall by the wayside I insist you try and hold on for as long as you can and try to savour the many hazards the LL team dabble with.
Is it punk, folk, fuck or frivolity - please try and nail this at your leisure but I am happy to let the many rhythmic winds blow me around and just fervently hold on to the noise... as far as curiosity value goes this one wins prize after prize from the assessing tombola. There is a danger, a desperation, a willingness to take chances and if anyone questions the punk value of this then their heads are truly turned the wrong way.
Of course this isn't normal but of course this is very much normal. Many make music, some make mess but only a few create cryptic masterpieces - have I uncovered one - a tough question and I suggest you peruse this acoustic painting and make a decision. (Fungal Punk)

Full version of the Fungal Punk review is available at:


released September 3, 2010

Recorded and Produced by John 'Spud' Murphy at:
Dekay Studios, Cork; Granny It's OK, Waterford &
The Jazz Club, Heist-Op-Den-Burh, Belgium.

Additional brass parts recorded by Steve Vibronics in Leicester.

Mastered by Fergal Davies at Suite Studios, Dublin.

Vocals on Night of the Living Langers by Jinx Lennon.

Additional Musicians:
Tombone, Tony Robinson - Trumpet, Gaz Birtles - Sax, John Reed - Pipes, Chris Verelsd - Tuba/Helicon, Tonyhno Dos Santos - Trumpet, Clinio Cacuzzo - Sax, Olga Paterlini - Tuba.

Album cover by Los Langeros & Rory O'Seven.



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